Maverick Capital (New York, NY)
Ziff Brothers Investments (New York, NY)
Millennium Partners (New York, NY)
JL Advisors (New York, NY)
Clovis Capital Management (New York, NY)
TIAA CREF Investment Management (New York, NY)
One East Partners Capital (New York, NY)
Level Global Investors (New York, NY)
Meaghan Rose, Bain & Company Investments (New York, NY)
CitiScape Property Management Group (San Francisco, CA)
TRUMARK URBAN Development (San Francisco, CA)

Clovis Capital Management, LP - Consulting

Project description:

As a fundamental analyst at a $3 bn investment management firm, I, along with several others, am responsible for investing capital on behalf our clients. I am a generalist in that I invest in a number of companies across a broad scope of industries and thus it is important for me to develop an in depth understanding of a company and industry in a compressed timeframe. In doing so, I utilize numerous resources to both generate investment opportunities and research individual companies or industries. In addition to leveraging our work in analyzing a company’s financial prospects, speaking with management, reviewing industry trade publications and speaking with research analysts to better understand an industry or individual company, we also find it helpful to speak with experts in the particular fields in which we are researching in order to leverage their years of expertise and industry knowledge. In reviewing and monitoring investments across the cable sector I have spoken with Corey on several occasions to better understand the market trends from his perspective overseeing installations at his firm. Corey has served as a valuable resource in this regard while ensuring that the information he provides is of a general nature so as not to convey proprietary or company specific information. Corey clearly not only understands the current trends within his industry, but has developed a broad scope of industry knowledge that he is able to impart as an industry consultant. As such I am happy to serve as a reference in this regard.

Matthew J. Dveirin
Clovis Capital Management, LP
640 Fifth Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10019

CitiScape Property Management Company (San Francisco, CA)

Project description:

CitiScape Property Management Group has used Corey Hayes of Future Multihousing to negotiate all of our property’s cable and satellite contracts for the past dozen years. I would estimate he’s negotiated several hundred contracts over the years. In each and every case, Corey has delivered outstanding results, including negotiating large rebates, lowered costs, better channel line-ups, and even negotiating interior wiring repairs with the cable companies at no cost to our clients. As a management company, we are only as good as the service providers we’re able to bring to the table. Corey has made us look good each and every time out, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him without qualification. He’s the best!

Kevin Wiley
Co-Founder & Board Chair
CitiScape Property Management Group, LLC
3450 3rd Street, Suite #1-A
San Francisco, CA 94124

United States Department of Justice - Expert Testimony

Project description:

Gave expert testimony to the United States Department of Justice on franchise cable and private cable company wiring practices into multifamily properties.

MasTec (MTZ: NYSE) - DirectPlus

Project description:

Coral Gables, Florida

To All:

Today we bid farewell from the MasTec/Direct Plus family to Corey Hayes. Corey was instrumental in building Direct Plus to the successful Company it is today. Through his tireless efforts and over 10 years of dedication our Company grew from zero customers to be one of DirecTV’s biggest and most respected entities in the multi-family space. His innovative and entrepreneurial spirit was key in his ability to pivot and adjust to the ever-changing telecommunications universe of today. We will all miss his ability come up with innovative, creative Cajun ways to “skin the cat”.

We all wish Corey best wishes and hope all goes well with his family in the coming years. We are confident that Corey will be successful in any future endeavor.

God Speed to my friend,

Tony Bello
VP of MasTec (NYSE: MTZ) – President of DirectPlus